Engineering robust, reliable software for today’s industrial systems is a major challenge. Software increasingly embodies the intellectual property that enables businesses to compete and as such is one of the major pillars upon which the success of a growing number of companies depends. And yet software engineering as a discipline often fails to meet the needs of organisations that are more and more dependent on it, with studies indicating that fifty cents out of every euro spent on software engineering goes on finding and fixing bugs. Future industrial systems are set to become more complex and more dependent on software. For example, it is forecast that within 10 years 60% of the value of an automobile will be represented by software.

What impact will the internet of things, Industry 4.0 and other large-scale technological trends have on software engineering? How will software engineering rise to the challenge of ever-increasing complexity, distribution and integration while improving product robustness, reliability and security? How can the smart systems of the future be built with the limited resources available today? When software is often managed as a liability rather than an asset, how can businesses move to fully exploiting the opportunity that software offers?

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