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Peter Hanselaer, Laboratorium voor Lichttechnologie






Peter Hanselaer, Laboratorium voor Lichttechnologie



OpticaI characterization of LEDs


Quality assessment of LED based light sources has become an important issue because of the lack of widely accepted standards. LEDs do have some particularities compared with traditional light sources. The optical output is strongly dependent on the junction temperature. Also the colour changes with viewing angle. And as often characteristics differ between components, there is a need for selection of devices called binning. Also the long term degradation of the characteristics within Led devices is not well understood. In this lecture, innovative measurement methods will be explained and recent experimental results will be presented. Finally, some issues regarding the correlation between these measurements and the human perception such as brightness and colour rendering will be highlighted.

Peter Hanselaer (1959) received his PhD in Physics at the University of Gent (B) in 1986. Peter is professor at the Catholic University College Sint Lieven and associate professor at the K.U.Leuven, dept. EAST/ELECTA. In September 2011, he became vicepresident of the department of industrial engineering, responsable for research and international cooperation. He is board member of the Belgian Institute on Illumination and Belgian delegate in the CIE, division1.
In 1997, Peter founded the Light&Lighting Laboratory which was supported by IWT Flanders and several industrial and scientific partners. Actually, the Laboratory is hosting 15 people. Scientific PhD research activities are combined with consultancy activities towards the Flemish industry The main research areas are spectral radiometric and photometric characterization of light sources (flux, colour temperature) and materials (reflectance, scattering, fluorescence), the development of LED and OLED applications, optical design, energy efficiƫnt lighting and stand alone photovoltaic systems.